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"Nuts In A City Near You"

Sometimes you feel like a nut...and when you do, Nut-Tropolis is here to take care of even your craziest nut cravings! When Creator "Little Chef" Julie-Ann Zahn couldn't find her favorite snack of candied almonds while on vacation, she decided to make her own, and with her own signature style. At Nut-Tropolis, we cater to the Gluten-Free folk because that's the commitment we have made not only to our own family, but yours as well. We have 6 AMAZING flavors to enjoy, ranging from the classic and beloved Cinnamon Almonds, to Chocolate Dream, Mocha Espresso, Toasted Coconut, Pina Colada, and Sweet 'n Heat. During the Fall and Winter holidays we offer 2 delicious limited edition flavors, Apple Orchard Cinnamon and Harvest Pumpkin Spice. Nut-Tropolis also candies Pecans in these same flavors, so you can enjoy the best of both nuts. All ingredients are simple, natural, and we never use anything artificial or impossible to pronounce. So what are you waiting for? COME TASTE OUR NUTS!


"WE are an Arizona-based company that provides an abundance of delicious and sinfully-tasting roasted almonds and pecans that will definitely tantalize your tastebuds! WE believe that if you are going to snack on something good, make sure you eat the best. Our sin-sational treats are made with love and can be enjoyed on your own and/or shared with those you care about because "We're NUTS for You, too!"